Dear MassURC 2024 Participants,

We extend our sincere gratitude to each of you for your invaluable contributions to the success of MassURC 2024. Your active engagement and dedication were instrumental in making last Friday's in-person undergraduate research conference a remarkable event and the first return to in-person since 2019. We’re proud to announce that our attendance numbers are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels: this year’s MassURC featured almost 800 presenters delivering 700 presentations from 25 schools around the Commonwealth, with an estimated total of 1,350 participants and attendees.

We were truly impressed by the quality of the research projects presented by students from various universities and colleges. Your presentations were engaging and insightful, showcasing the significant effort and thought invested in your research endeavors. This return to in-person events reaffirms the immense value of these experiences in fostering collaboration and academic growth. In our continuous efforts to enhance future MassURC events, we kindly request your feedback through the MassURC feedback survey. Your candid insights are invaluable to us and will guide us in improving the conference experience for upcoming participants.

Also, if you missed the keynote by Dr. Lamya Karim, feel free to watch it on YouTube. Once again, thank you for your participation in MassURC 2024, and we look forward to seeing you again!


Alice Feldman
Conference Coordinator

The MassURC Hub is your ultimate destination for all conference-related activities: from registering for the conference to submitting, revising, and reviewing abstracts. Additionally, it will serve as your primary platform for accessing live schedules, conducting searches, receiving notifications, and staying updated throughout the conference day.