Schedule By Session Time

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Kentaro Kawata Alissa Nolden UM/Amherst A54 Auditorium The Sensory Effect of Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) as a Salt Replacement
Skye Arielle McMorris Dong Wang UM/Amherst A55 Auditorium Investigating the Role of CaML1-6 in Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation via CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Knockouts in Medicago truncatula
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Francesco Bruno Catalano C. Gradil UM/Amherst A58 Auditorium The Effects of Captivity on the Reproduction of Animals
Elise Descheneaux Elizabeth Jakob UM/Amherst A56 Auditorium An Investigation into Salticid Numerosity
Tomas Nelson Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst A59 Auditorium

Innovative Cat Monitoring: Accelerometry and Bluetooth Low Energy Tracking for Dynamic Location and Activity Assessment

Vandrey J. Sisson Duncan Irschick UM/Amherst A57 Auditorium Quantifying Sexual Dimorphism in Tanagers through 3D Photogrammetry: Insights from Color Diversity and Pattern Complexity
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Berkant Ali Boluk Ray Kinoshita Mann UM/Amherst C36 163 The Relationship between Mental Disorders and the Home
Lucas W. d'Entremont Jane C. Thurber UM/Amherst C35 163 COEXIST: Blurring the Lines between Landscape Architecture and Architecture
Elisabeth Fils-Aime Ray Kinoshita Mann UM/Amherst C38 163

Navigating Home: Exploring Notions, Structures, and Values in Haiti and the United States

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Zachary M. Stomski Andrew Burkhardt Worcester St U A60 Auditorium Developing Algorithms to Reduce Human Bias in the Selection of Physical Parameters for Astrochemical Models
Brayden John Wilcomb Andrew Burkhardt Worcester St U A61 Auditorium An Expansion of A Rigorous K/Ka-Band Hunt for Aromatic Molecules (ARKHAM): Searching for a Benzene Proxy throughout the Earliest Stages of Star Formation
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Isabella Ceresia Allison Roy UM/Amherst A70 Auditorium Evaluating factors contributing to loon egg hatching success in the Quabbin Reservoir (Massachusetts)
Shakira Keyla Affoue Ebian Lynn Adler UM/Amherst A67 Auditorium Exploring the Growth Dynamics and Infectivity of Crithidia Bombi on Host Bumblebees (Bombus Impatiens)
Disha Khanna Aleel K. Grennan Worcester St U A62 Auditorium Investigating the Use of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) to Determine the Distribution of Invasive Cattail Species in Worcester
Valeria Lacouture Samuel P. Hazen UM/Amherst A72 Auditorium Plant Microbe Interactions between Brachypodium distachyon and Fusarium oxysporum across Seven Accessions
Haofeng Lin Elizabeth Vierling UM/Amherst A63 Auditorium Investigating Small Heat Shock Protein Function in Plants
Sneha Magesh Jason M. Kamilar UM/Amherst A68 Auditorium Exploring Diversity: A Comprehensive Analysis of Core Microbial Communities in Chiroptera
Emma Marilyn Meade Sibongile Mafu UM/Amherst A64 Auditorium

Creating Mutants Using CRISPR Technology: Investigating Terpene Gene Function in Medicago truncatula

Serene Omran Samuel P. Hazen UM/Amherst A71 Auditorium Investigating the Effect of Warm Night on Stem Secondary Cell Wall Synthesis in the Model Grass Brachypodium distachyon
Anne Pierre Ayodele C. O'Uhuru UM/Amherst A65 Auditorium

 Invasion of the Shore: Evaluating Population Dynamics of Asian Shore Crab in an Urban Harbor

Isabel Kristina Rojas Jeffrey Blanchard UM/Amherst A66 Auditorium

Filter Mini-Metagenomics: Discovering and Characterizing Soil Teeny Tiny Patescibacteria

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Lydia Chan Zaur Rzakhanov UM/Boston C13 163 The Impact of Drugs in Sports: A Case Study on the Effects of Performance Enhancement Drugs on Professional Athletes
Rebecca Charabaty Sheila Muller N Essex CC C4 163 The Study of Brand Identities of Haute Couture and Fast Fashion
Joseph Anthony Collins Kevin L. Young UM/Amherst C14 163 The Global Mobility of the Ultra-Wealthy
Melanie Diane Duarte Zaur Rzakhanov UM/Boston C1 163 Mastering the Art of Independence: A Study on the Key Factors of an Independent Artist's Success
Keegan Matthew Kerr Hernan D. Bejarano UM/Amherst C8 163 What Public Policy Best Promotes Electric Vehicle Adoption in Rural America
Walker Knowles Zaur Rzakhanov UM/Boston C3 163 Expanding Opportunities for Small Residential Construction Companies in Metro Boston
Joanna Lam Dania V. Francis UM/Boston C6 163 Is Your Degree Worth It?: Cost Benefit Analysis of College Enrollment in Greater Boston
Nhu Thieu Makara Le Kevin L. Young UM/Amherst C11 163 Pathways of Prestige: Navigating Career Trajectories among Elite Alumni
Ann Liang Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst C2 163 Emerging Technologies in the Service Industry: AI Applications in Hospitality Management
Ruchi Patel Kevin L. Young UM/Amherst C10 163

From Diploma to Debt: Tracing the Impact of Student Loans on Economic Decisions and Mental Health

Patrick Kelly Sweeney Kevin L. Young UM/Amherst C12 163 Consequences for Bad Behavior: Assessing the Effectiveness of Sanctions on Elites
Rebecca Elise Tobar Matthew J. Westgate UM/Amherst C15 163 The Application and Evaluation of Arts Management Strategies to the UMass Wind Ensemble's Ecuador Tour
Kenny Jaemin Yi Laura Lamontagne Framingham St U C5 163 Erosion of Intergenerational Mobility: A Case Study on Housing Affordability in Massachusetts
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Wilmer Abdiel Huggins Rivera Amy Springer UM/Amherst A75 Auditorium
Beyond Neoplasms: The Immune Profiling of Cell Extrinsic Biomarkers for Precision Therapy Guidance
Leila Imani Andrew Stephens UM/Amherst A76 Auditorium Cancer Metabolism: A Study of Glucose Starvation and Pyruvate Supplementation
Gaia Taig D Joseph Jerry UM/Amherst A74 Auditorium Differences in Barriers to Immortalization and Oncogenic Transformation in Normal Breast Epithelial Cells from Donors with and without Mutations in Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes
Aspen Zheng Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier Worcester St U A73 Auditorium Role of mTwist1 Phosphorylation on S144 and S148in Promoting the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Luke Joseph Friederike C. Jentoft UM/Amherst C33 163

Analysis of the Kinetics for Rhenium-Catalyzed Deoxydehydration of Vicinal Diols

Alara Kilic Michelle Farkas UM/Amherst A77 Auditorium Conjugation of Negatively Charged Cargo to Cell Surfaces for Advancement of Next-Generation Delivery Vehicles
Ariana Eve Swoyer Jungwoo Lee UM/Amherst C32 163 3-D Bone Tissue Engineering Utilizing Pepsin-Digested Demineralized Bone Matrix
Pranav Krishna Viswanathan Murugappan Muthukumar UM/Amherst C30 163 Dipole-Driven Self Assembly in Polyzwitterion Solutions
Quang Minh Vuong Zhu Chen UM/Amherst C31 163 Electrochemical Glycerol Oxidation Using Transition Metal Oxide
Shane Kenneth Williams Zhu Chen UM/Amherst C29 163 Probing the Surface Species and Structural Evolution of Transition Metal Modified Cobalt Oxide Catalyst during an Electrochemical Methane Oxidation Reaction
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Nicolle Gudiel Winter Mark Roblee UM/Amherst A10 Auditorium Land Displacement of Costa Rican Indigenous Groups
Erin Kim R. Mark Leckie UM/Amherst A8 Auditorium Foraminiferal Assemblages Reveal Multiple Super-Interglacials during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition, Ross Sea, Antarctica
Harley Lynn Westgate Allison L. Dunn Worcester St U A9 Auditorium A 15-Year Trend of Carbon Dynamics in Two Massachusetts Forests
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Elio Ngjelo Ali Al-Faris Worcester St U C18 163 Maze Game
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Mikey Walsh Zaur Rzakhanov UM/Boston C16 163 An Analysis of Major League Baseball's 2023 Rule Changes on Gameplay and Attendance
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Meaghan E. Marcoux Kym Meyer Worcester St U A85 Auditorium Rhode Island School for the Deaf's Hard of Hearing Project
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Brian Kenneth Boland Soumitra Basu Fitchburg St U A7 Auditorium Solar Shade Parametric CAD Modeling
Allen Gao Juan Jiménez UM/Amherst A4 Auditorium Creating an In Vitro Model of an Intracranial Aneurysm and Testing the Effectiveness of Flow Diverting Stents
Jordan B. Hendricks Michael Rahaim UM/Boston A1 Auditorium Multi-Node SDR Testbed for Automated Data Collection in Dense Multi-User Environments
Travis Reardon Katherine Boyer UM/Amherst A5 Auditorium Quantifying the Impact of Carbon Fiber Shoe Inserts for Application in 1st MTP Joint Osteoarthritis
Naaz Thotathil Cathal J. Kearney UM/Amherst A3 Auditorium Silicone-Refillable Device for Wound Healing Optimization
Ethan T. Vaughan Colin Wilson Berkshire CC A6 Auditorium Machine Learning in the Cultivation of Next Generation Technology
Hailey Elizabeth Warman Martin Hunter UM/Amherst A2 Auditorium Improving the Cricothyrotomy Procedure: Introducing the Biomedical Recognizer of Anatomy and Endotracheal Tube Holder (BRAETH)
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Adamaris Agosto Allison Roy UM/Amherst A12 Auditorium Interannual Comparison of Juvenile Alewife Age and Growth in Eastern Massachusetts
Elizabeth Naomi Belezaire Adrian Jordaan UM/Amherst A20 Auditorium Impacts of Climate Change and Fishing on Swimming-Length Dependent Biomass Dynamics in Marine Ecosystems
Heather E. Bortolussi Keith Howard Nislow UM/Amherst A24 Auditorium Investigating Aquatic Invertebrate Abundance and Diversity as a Predictor for Mercury (Hg) in Brook Trout
Zachary Alexander Colby Amanda LM Hyde Greenfield CC A14 Auditorium Characterization of Knotweed Using PCR-RFLP
Ester Fonseca Ayodele C. O'Uhuru UM/Amherst A13 Auditorium Feeding Plasticity of the Endemic White Mountain Arctic (Oeneis melissa samidea) Butterfly
Amira Garba Dwayne Breger UM/Amherst A23 Auditorium Putting EVs to work for Campus and Commuters
Klarissa Johnson Laura Conners Reynolds Worcester St U A16 Auditorium Water Quality along an Urban Gradient
Trevor Melusen Kristen DeAngelis UM/Amherst A18 Auditorium Influence of Organic Matter on Microbes in Model Soil
Shannon Marie Russo Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst A21 Auditorium Liquid Insight: Do You Know Your Ecosystem?
Tove Aliisabet Cerina Schweitzer Amanda LM Hyde Greenfield CC A15 Auditorium Trends in Bird-Window Collisions at Greenfield Community College
David James Sheldon Amanda LM Hyde Greenfield CC A11 Auditorium Assessing Greenfield Community College Wetland Health Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates as Bio-Indicators
Paul Russell Stanley Allison Roy UM/Amherst A19 Auditorium Stream Habitat Drivers of Freshwater Mussel Occupancy across a Connecticut Watershed
Mickala Diane Stratton Allison Roy UM/Amherst A22 Auditorium Using Genetics to Identify Mussel Larvae on Host Fishes
Alisha Regina Taha Regine A. Spector UM/Amherst A17 Auditorium

The Untold Story of New England’s Perpetual Environmental Threat: Combined Sewer Overflows 

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Ariel Altamirano Nabin Malakar Worcester St U A46 Auditorium Breathing Easy in Rural Towns: A Look at PM2.5 Levels across Massachusetts
Cora M. Attias-Inzano Susannah B. Lerman UM/Amherst A35 Auditorium The Growing Importance of Native Bees as Pollinators in Our Changing Climate
Jaclyn Renee Beaudoin Kelly B. Klingler UM/Amherst A25 Auditorium The Potential Over-Use of Acacia mellifera by Conservancy Members and Browsers in the Former Kimana Group Ranch and Prospective Conservation Strategies 
Anna Maria Biondo Munkaila Musah UM/Amherst A43 Auditorium Living Life Cycle Assessment
Marko Stephen Cerne Baoshan Xing UM/Amherst A31 Auditorium Heteroaggregation Behaviors of Nanoplastics and Hematite with Natural Organic Matter
Zachary William Clark Laura N. Vandenberg UM/Amherst A36 Auditorium Vulnerable Periods for the Mouse Mammary Gland: Comparison of the Effects of Ethinyl Estradiol Exposures during Two Early Stages of Development
Anna Katharine Courtemanche Nathan Senner UM/Amherst A42 Auditorium Flight Paths and Pit Stops: Understanding Lesser Yellowlegs' Migration Dynamics
Grace Natiele Davis Ayodele C. O'Uhuru UM/Amherst A27 Auditorium Comparing Juvenile River Herring Growth in Two Coastal Massachusetts Lakes
Ryan R. Dougherty Dwayne Breger UM/Amherst A33 Auditorium Evaluating the Utility and Economic Viability of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology: Grid Reliability, Stability and Sustainability for the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus
Edward Albert Ferguson Cucchi Larry W. McKenna Framingham St U A28 Auditorium From Junipers to Japanese Knotweed; A Digital Tour of the Plant Life of Framingham State University
Sharvil Mahesh Khamankar Nabin Malakar Worcester St U A44 Auditorium How Do Natural Marshes Differ from Living Shorelines?
Heena R. Kraemer Kathleen A. Brown-Perez UM/Amherst A34 Auditorium How We Fail Our Most Vulnerable: The EPA and Environmental Injustice
Abigail Dawn Leahey Chris Picone Fitchburg St U A38 Auditorium PFAS in Mass: Where and Why Water Is Threatened
Abigail Marie McCarthy Ray Kinoshita Mann UM/Amherst A39 Auditorium Synergistic Solutions to Societal and Industry Disconnects in the Management of Plastic Waste
Jack Michael Minella Mari Castañeda UM/Amherst A45 Auditorium

Assessing the Relative Sustainability of Grab ‘N Go Container Systems at UMass Amherst

Mary Kate Moreau Elizabeth Gordon Fitchburg St U A32 Auditorium Assessment of Barriers and Potential Improvements on Recycling at Fitchburg State University
Maxwell Tyler Passarelli Anne Armstrong Worcester St U A29 Auditorium Climate Change and Native Plant Attitudes: A Social Norms Intervention
Seraina Rioult-Pedotti Meghan Graham MacLean UM/Amherst A26 Auditorium Stomach Content and Stable Isotope Analyses of Sportfish in Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
Sam Saunders Hernan D. Bejarano UM/Amherst A40 Auditorium Intergenerational Equality versus Intragenerational Equality
Tanush Vijayakumar Savadi Prashant Shenoy UM/Amherst A41 Auditorium Visualizing the Impact of User Preferences and Habits on Carbon Emission
Kabeera Singh Daniel Buonaiuto UM/Amherst A30 Auditorium Large Language Models for Native Garden Design and Visualization
Edward Xu Hernan D. Bejarano UM/Amherst A37 Auditorium A GIS-Based Approach to Mapping Offshore Wind Cost-Effectiveness
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Yegor Chelnokov Jason Roush UM/Boston C17 163 Annual Cycle of the S&P 500 Index: Unveiling the Stock Market's Yearly Rhythms
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Hannah Davis Christine E. Hatch UM/Amherst A48 Auditorium The Hydrogeologic Restoration of Golf Courses to Wetlands
Dakota Ishutina Isla S. Castañeda UM/Amherst A47 Auditorium Reconstructing Pleistocene Ocean Currents near Southern Greenland Based on Foraminiferal Assemblages
Michael D. Leyfer R. Mark Leckie UM/Amherst A49 Auditorium Fossil Foraminifera as Proxies for Paleoclimate and Oceanography Changes in the Antarctic Ross Sea (IODP Expedition 374)
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Anish Panda Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst A79 Auditorium A Cost-Effective Device for Phonocardiography and Auscultation for Routine Monitoring of Heart Murmurs in Boxer Dogs
Kyle Valade Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst A78 Auditorium Optimizing Patient Transport: Evaluating and Simplifying Decision Making in EMS
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Chang Jin Caryn Brause UM/Amherst A51 Auditorium Bits and Bytes of Well-Being: Decoding Mental Health for College Students in Computer Science
Seamus Christopher Mitchell Michael Filas Westfield St U A53 Auditorium

Bartleby as a Modern-Day American Worker

Alexandra Grace Walter Brian J. Souza Framingham St U A50 Auditorium An Intervention for Anxiety in Children: The Zen Den
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Theresa R. Nissenbaum Keith N. Darrow Worcester St U A86 Auditorium Changes in Cognitive Performance after Treating Hearing Loss
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Joelle Marie Beck Krishna Kumar UM/Amherst C34 163 Development of a GEM-Based, Cosmic Muon Tracking System for Characterizing Cherenkov Detectors
Henry Daniel Jordan Mari Castañeda UM/Amherst A81 Auditorium Clustering, Rising, and Settling Dynamics of Particles in a Water Wave
Eindra Thane Narayanan Menon UM/Amherst A80 Auditorium How Do Flexible Sheets Attach to Fluid Surfaces?
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Catherine Amsler Sergio Marini Cape Cod CC A97 Auditorium Mindfulness: A Path to Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced Society
Riane Elizabeth Anderson Alexandra Burgess Worcester St U A95 Auditorium The Relationship between Emotion Regulation Strategies, Alcohol Related Problems, and Coping with Alcohol as Moderated by Gender and Pandemic Positionality
Kelsey Jean Berry Sergio Marini Cape Cod CC A93 Auditorium Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapies on Subjective Well-Being: An Empirical Review

Kate Elizabeth Desruisseaux Champika Soysa Worcester St U A87 Auditorium Perceiving Threat, Experiencing Negative Thoughts, and Feeling Lonely?: You Are Not Alone
Wyatt Walker Falk Thomas Schaefer Cape Cod CC A96 Auditorium The Value of a Sense of Purpose on an Individual's Well-Being
Andja Kola Benjamin Jee Worcester St U A90 Auditorium How Comparisons Promote Adults' Comprehension of Science Diagrams
Amanda Kate Pollicelli Champika Soysa Worcester St U A89 Auditorium How Perceiving Threat while Feeling Burnt-Out and Lonely Impacts Your Mental Stress and Well-Being
Abigail Nicole Rose Sarah Rose Eagan Worcester St U A88 Auditorium How the Endorsement of Masculine Role Norms Mediates the Relationship
Isabella Mary Soque Thomas Schaefer Cape Cod CC A94 Auditorium The Effects of Gratitude on Happiness
Olivia Rae Thompson Thomas Schaefer Cape Cod CC A92 Auditorium The Effects of Personal Conversation on Happiness
Dinh Ton Youngbin Kwak UM/Amherst A52 Auditorium Investigating the Role of Culture in Explore-Exploit Information Search Strategies
Olivia Rose Williams Thomas Schaefer Cape Cod CC A91 Auditorium Minimalism and Well-Being: Exploring the Virtue of Frugality through Contemporary Literature and Practical Applications of Minimalism
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sean Tobin Bannon Soonkyu Chung UM/Amherst C21 163 Hyperthermia Treatment Attenuates Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin Resistance in Older Female and Ovariectomized Mice via TRPV1-Mediated Futile Calcium Cycling
Danielle Gabriella Cousins Christine Woodward St Laurent UM/Amherst C25 163 Relationships between Socio-Demographic Factors and 24-Hour Movement Behavior Guideline Compliance in Preschool Children
Aiden Lee Gaither Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst C27 163 Measuring and Analyzing Electromagnetic Field Exposure Levels throughout the UMass Campus to Construct a Heat Map Using an Arduino-Based Device
Jenna Marando Laura N. Vandenberg UM/Amherst C26 163 The Effect of Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors on Bone Development and Bone-Related Diseases
Madison Ashley Morris John Sirard UM/Amherst C22 163 Lifestyle and Reaction Time
Elise Pierce Laura N. Vandenberg UM/Amherst C23 163 Effects of Perinatal Exposure to the TAML Activator NT7 on Hormone-Sensitive Outcomes in the Female Mouse
Kelsey Rodrigues Alicia Timme-Laragy UM/Amherst C20 163 The Effects of Exposure to Perfluorobutane Sulfonic acid (PFBS) on Expression of Genes Related to Exocrine Pancreas Development and Function in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Merin Ellie Thomas Margaret Riley UM/Amherst C19 163 Charting the Course for Bacteriocin Outreach
Monet Theresa Estella Williams Laura N. Vandenberg UM/Amherst C28 163 The Effect of Gabapentin and Lamotrigine on Mice Mammary Glands
Sarah Yoon Sara Mamo UM/Amherst C24 163 Examining the Relationship between Listening Effort and the Pursuit of Hearing Loss Treatment
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Adina Franca Covic Linda R. Tropp UM/Amherst A99 Auditorium Intergroup Contact, Generalized Trust, and Intergroup Trust: A Study of Social Mixing Programs in Turkey
Isadora Greenberg Thomas Schaefer Cape Cod CC A100 Auditorium Bridging the Gap: How Awareness of Others Can Affect Happiness and Well-Being
Andja Kola Sarah Rose Eagan Worcester St U A98 Auditorium Social Contextual Model of Sexual Violence Perpetration: The Impact of Exposure and Drinking
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Nathaniel Felix Karen A. Keenan Fitchburg St U A82 Auditorium The Relationship of Anxiety and Depression Symptoms and Resilience with Previous History of Musculoskeletal Injury and Concussion in Intercollegiate Athletes
Sravan Mandepudi Wouter Hoogkamer UM/Amherst A83 Auditorium Comparing Gait Symmetry and Consistency on a Track versus Trail Running
Rakan Rafat Rihani Wouter Hoogkamer UM/Amherst A84 Auditorium Running Economy in Steep Uphill Locomotion: The Impact of Shoes with and without Embedded Carbon Fiber Plates

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Liam James Maher Hao Loi Quinsigamond CC A2 Auditorium

Implementation and Optimization of the Zigzag Scanline Algorithm for Improved Navigation of Roomba Robot

Erick S. Ropi Hao Loi Quinsigamond CC A3 Auditorium Wall Following and a*
Anirudh Sathiya Narayanan Yair Zick UM/Amherst A1 Auditorium Elicitation Interface for Human-AI Cooperation for Personalized Fairness Optimization
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Jared C. Cooper Barry A. Spence UM/Amherst C8 163 Hamlet and The Mousetrap: From Stage to Screen
Merna M. Elnesr Preston Saunders Bridgewater St U C1 163

Beyond Simple: Exploring Intricate Jewelry Techniques

Danielle S. Hendrix Catherine Buell Fitchburg St U C9 163 Exploring the Connection: Graphic Design and Art through Self-Portraiture
Roshan Kharbanda Michael Cottom UM/Amherst C6 163 Table Making as a Study in Quality. 
Jyy Rose Liang Sally Moore Fitchburg St U C5 163 The Ring-Tailed Lemur: Exploring Sculpture as Activism
Lucy Rose Palacios Ned Markosian UM/Amherst C10 163 Navigating the Moral Landscape of Art Appreciation and Engagement in the Works of Morally Compromised Artists
Dakota Eve Racine Zachary Lee Fitchburg St U C7 163 Mercy : A Short Film
Lilly Kent Woodger Samuel Tobin Fitchburg St U C11 163 Wizards in Debt: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Guy Zwiebel Meredith Gunning N Essex CC C3 163 Spinning the Magic Circle: The Ritual of Creating Art in Tabletop Roleplaying Games
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Varun Gopal Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst A10 Auditorium Study of the Effect of Customized Training Sets in AI Emotion Detection
Wilhen Alberto Hui Mei Funda Durupinar Babur UM/Boston A8 Auditorium Five-Factor Personality Expression through Eye Gaze
Yeilin M. Landaverde Paul Kasili Bunker Hill CC A11 Auditorium AI-Powered Predictive Modeling in DNA Analysis
Martine Clare Mungovan Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A7 Auditorium How Does the Adoption of AI in the Workforce Affect the Demand for Certain Skills and Proficiencies, and How Should Organizations Strategize to Fulfill the Resulting Demands?
Sydiney N. Nyabiosi Hong Yu Fitchburg St U A5 Auditorium Developing a Smart Inspection System Using Artificial Intellegence
James K. Roberts Paul Kasili Bunker Hill CC A12 Auditorium Leveraging AI for Optimized Memory Management in C/C++ Applications
Giordano Rogers Paul Kasili Bunker Hill CC A4 Auditorium

The Methods, Effects, and Governance of Recommender Systems

Jacob Rottenberg Weibo Gong UM/Amherst A9 Auditorium Eliminating Global Positions within Convolutional Neural Networks
Adam Russell Zaur Rzakhanov UM/Boston A6 Auditorium The Effects of Liability and Risk Management Policies due to Implementation of AI in Accounting Firms
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Daniel Brandao Araujo Hao Loi Quinsigamond CC A37 Auditorium Exploring Grid Spiral Pathing For Room Coverage
Cameron Shea Baron Elena Braynova Worcester St U A29 Auditorium Chronic Kidney Disease: Data Analysis
Anthony L. Bell Jay Taneja UM/Amherst A33 Auditorium Estimating Economic Activity by Applying Computer Vision To Satellite Imagery
Alan Jesse Berduo Komalpreet Kaur Salem St U A18 Auditorium PC Building Assistant
Samantha Chandler Amy Wehe Fitchburg St U A24 Auditorium Artist's Companion for Perspective Drawing
William Cordor Nada Al Sallami Worcester St U A26 Auditorium World Cup Goalscorers
Ruth N. De leon Hao Loi Quinsigamond CC A22 Auditorium Exploring Efficiency in Robotic Room Mapping: A Comparative Analysis of Hilbert Curve Algorithms in the Educational Robot Create 3
Maria Delia Nada Al Sallami Worcester St U A35 Auditorium

Enhanced Inventory Management System for a Retail Company

Christopher Michael Edwards Manish Wadhwa Salem St U A28 Auditorium Fish Tank Computer
Jacob Elbirt Ali Al-Faris Worcester St U A15 Auditorium Development of a Data Sonification Tool to Transcend Standard Visualization Analyses
James Espaillat Hao Loi Quinsigamond CC A19 Auditorium Optimizing Cleaning Robot's Navigation through Ray Casting Algorithms for Efficient Path Planning
David Gerard Tim Richards UM/Amherst A14 Auditorium Reinforcing Cloud System Security and Sustainability with Rust-based Particle Swarm Optimization Task Scheduling
Hayun Jung Andrew Lan UM/Amherst A20 Auditorium

Early Success Prediction in Student Codes in Computer Science Education

Ishita Kakkar Mari Castañeda UM/Amherst A30 Auditorium Examining How LLM/LM’s Reasoning Capability Affects the Task Performance
Simran Lekhwani Yuriy Brun UM/Amherst A38 Auditorium Automation of Premise Selection to Enable More Software Verification 
Jiarui Liu Mohit Iyyer UM/Amherst A34 Auditorium Translating Literature with Large Language Models: Integrating External Knowledge and Maintaining Consistency in Named Entities
Derek Stephen Martineau Allan Brockenbrough Salem St U A13 Auditorium AssessMTB
Aaron Adrian Nano Ali Al-Faris Worcester St U A17 Auditorium Fitness App
Algis O. Petlin Ankita Gupta UM/Amherst A31 Auditorium Monitoring Anthropomorphism of AI on Misinformation and Mainstream News Websites
David Restrepo Hao Loi Quinsigamond CC A21 Auditorium Examining the Effectiveness and Application of Weighted Random Algorithms: A Research Study on Computational Diversity and Performance Improvement
Inthorn Arick Rojanapairat Allan Brockenbrough Salem St U A27 Auditorium EXODUS: Route Z Video Game Project
Anxhela Sejdi Elena Braynova Worcester St U A16 Auditorium Analyzing Survey Data: Using Classification Results for Better Data Understanding
Aymaan Shaikh Bhawana Chhaglani UM/Amherst A23 Auditorium

Investigating Acoustic Features for Privacy-Aware Voice Liveness Detection

Armaan Sheth Prashant Shenoy UM/Amherst A32 Auditorium

CrowMod: Modeling Crowd Mobility Via Passive Sensing

Kushagra Srivastava Meng-Chieh Chiu UM/Amherst A36 Auditorium Comparing RUST and C++ Performance Metrics
Peter David Thornton Komalpreet Kaur Salem St U A25 Auditorium Advancing Reasoning Abilities in AI through Local Open Source Methods
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Brayden Josney Bergeron Wayne Burleson UM/Amherst A40 Auditorium

Evaluation of Combined Fault Injection and Side-Channel Analysis Attacks on AES-128

James D. Cawley Zaur Rzakhanov UM/Boston A39 Auditorium The Role of Voice Cloning in Detecting Synthesized Audio
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Christiana Soares Brand Hernan D. Bejarano UM/Amherst A53 Auditorium Implementing Canal-Spanning vs Over-Ground Solar Energy in Arizona's Agriculture Industry: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Fay Anne Paicos Dwayne Breger UM/Amherst A54 Auditorium A Critical Examination of Ethical Concerns in Electric Mobility: A Segment of Putting EVs to Work for Campus and Commuters
Jerry J. Su Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst A52 Auditorium Making Biogas More Accessible Using Data Analysis
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sebastian H. Armstrong Matthew Lackner UM/Amherst A86 Auditorium Region Two Control of a Small Wind Turbine under Turbulence
Caden Ashmore Andria C. Schwortz Quinsigamond CC A56 Auditorium Control System for an Autonomous Sailboat
Matthew Baker Elif Demirbas Bridgewater St U A95 Auditorium Design of Silicon Metasurfaces for Beam Deflecting in Solid-State Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR)
ELIJAH R. BOUDREAU Soumitra Basu Fitchburg St U A65 Auditorium Robotic Kinematics Research Project
Jordan Isaac Breveleri Hangjian Ling UM/Dartmouth A57 Auditorium Plastron Restoration for Underwater Superhydrophobic Surface by Porous Material and Gas Injection
Cristian Bueno Campos Soumitra Basu Fitchburg St U A72 Auditorium Strength of Structural Wood
Riley Janet Burnham Chaitra Gopalappa UM/Amherst A62 Auditorium Estimating Associations between Social Determinants of Health and HIV Risk among the Transgender Population
Brooke DeJesus Christian David Guzman UM/Amherst A59 Auditorium

Isotope Analysis Reveals Hydrological Patterns at Amherst's Mill River

Jessica Ann Durkee Dennis Goeckel UM/Amherst A66 Auditorium

Utilizing RF Fingerprints in Covert Communications in a Continuous Time Channel in the Presence of a Jammer

Andrew Austin Egan Hernan D. Bejarano UM/Amherst A93 Auditorium Optimizing Energy Use in Buildings
Dora Eng-Wu Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst A67 Auditorium The Analysis of Plant Vasculature for Tissue Engineering Applications
Molly Grace Fabrizio Meghan Huber UM/Amherst A58 Auditorium Neural Investigation of Exoskeleton-Assisted Walking
Grainne Flanagan Jim Lagrant UM/Amherst A81 Auditorium Hybrid Renewable Energy Educational Systems
Tess Hachey Christian David Guzman UM/Amherst A70 Auditorium Tan Brook Hydrological and Water Quality Patterns Impacting Lake Warner in Western Massachusetts
Cleo Hein Scott M. Auerbach UM/Amherst A82 Auditorium Manufacturing Optimization: Pelican's BX255 Case
Ryan Huit Matthew Lackner UM/Amherst A98 Auditorium Design and Fabrication of a High Altitude Kite-Powered Water Pumping System
Daniel Jungwoo Kim Jungwoo Lee UM/Amherst A77 Auditorium AI-Based Image Analysis on Bone Mineralization
Ricky Le Hong Yu Fitchburg St U A75 Auditorium Micromouse: A Robotic Platform across Multiple Disciplines in STEM
Agnes Li Egemen Okte UM/Amherst A69 Auditorium Using Physics Informed Machine Learning to Bridge the Knowledge-Data Gap for Pavement Modeling
Demetri Liousas Steve de Bruyn Kops UM/Amherst A71 Auditorium Predicting Timescales in Dynamical Systems with Explainable Machine Learning Models
Brian Stephen McDonough Vijaya Chalivendra Bunker Hill CC A80 Auditorium Optimizing Cell Media Formulations for Cell Growth and Microsphere Compatibility for Enhanced Microbot Performance 
Anamika Menon Caiwei Shen UM/Dartmouth A83 Auditorium Activated Carbon Fibers for Structural Supercapacitors
Sophia Michelle Millan Cathal J. Kearney UM/Amherst A63 Auditorium The Effects of Dexamethasone and BMP-2 Delivered at Specific Time Points on Bone Regeneration
Hsu Shwe Yee Naing Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst A85 Auditorium Mechanical Characterization of Murine Kidney, Liver, and Spleen Using Needle-Induced Cavitation
Dylan Jacob Nawn Tingyi Leo Liu UM/Amherst A68 Auditorium Soft Liquid Metal-Enabled NFC Coil
Oghosasere Shawn Osunde Wei Fan UM/Amherst A87 Auditorium Creating MFI Zeolites Using Divalent Precursors for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Shiven Patel Hochul Hwang UM/Amherst A64 Auditorium Guide Dog Robot for Visually Impaired People: Audio Source Localization and Classification for Hazard Detection
Carter J. Paul Sarah L. Perry UM/Amherst A94 Auditorium

Utilization of Microfluidics in Separation of Biomass from Aqueous Suspensions

Benjamin Paul Pepper Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst A96 Auditorium Measuring Astrocyte Response to Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Madison Zai Perry Shannon Roberts UM/Amherst A84 Auditorium MassDOT Drivers Education and Training on Advanced Driving Assistance Systems
Anvitha L. Ramachandran Jeremy Joel Gummeson UM/Amherst A76 Auditorium legv8sim: The Creation and Evaluation of an Assembly Development Toolchain
Aoife Katherine Ruth Cathal J. Kearney UM/Amherst A73 Auditorium

Therapeutic Potential of Fibroblast-Derived Extracellular Vesicles and Matrix Bound Vesicles From Engineered Matrix

Zachary Braden Safford Vijaya Chalivendra UM/Dartmouth A61 Auditorium Fracture Strength of Liquid Metal Infused Carbon/Glass Composites
Peter Frank Swenson Michael A. Knodler UM/Amherst A55 Auditorium Application of UAS Technology for Use in Conflict and Event Studies via SSAM
Jesus Tejeda Yubing Sun UM/Amherst A78 Auditorium An Automatic Brightfield Cell Segmentation Method for the Characterization of Tissue Fluidity
Samantha Thomas Elif Demirbas Bridgewater St U A91 Auditorium

Current-Voltage (I-V) Characterizations of Laser Diodes

Bao Trong Truong Michael Rahaim UM/Boston A79 Auditorium SDR-based Indoor Positioning with Joint Communications and Localization via OFDM Pilot Carrier Beacons
Bridget C. Twombly Cathal J. Kearney UM/Amherst A88 Auditorium Enhancing the Vascularization of Collagen-GAG Scaffolds through Improved Cell Distribution and Fibrin Incorporation
Soumya Vadicharla Meghan Huber UM/Amherst A89 Auditorium BioClockBot: An Automatic Liquid Handling Robot for Circadian Rhythm Testing in Tissue Engineering Research
Raul Vera Christian David Guzman UM/Amherst A60 Auditorium Investigating Carbon Transport and Stable Water Isotopes in Streams of the Northeastern US
Haylee Wagner Cathal J. Kearney UM/Amherst A90 Auditorium Polymeric Microneedle Patches for Controlled and Systemic Delivery of Therapeutic Nanoparticles
Benjamin Kaye Weedon Gina Olson UM/Amherst A92 Auditorium Development of a Soft Robotic Squid
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Andrew Justin Bielecki Anne F. Broadbridge UM/Amherst C18 163 From Revelation to Reimagination: Case Studies in Sunnī Islamic Eschatology over 1,400 Years
Ian P. Buckley Jon Huibregtse Framingham St U C15 163 The Influences and Potential Causes of Adolf Hitler's Views and Political Ideologies
Jerry Ducasse Maxine Oland UM/Amherst C20 163 Understanding Haiti's Instability 
Xinyan Jiang Jessica Hill Holyoke CC C13 163 Navigating Change: The Place of Confucianism in Modern China
James McGwire Ray Kinoshita Mann UM/Amherst C16 163 Echoes of the Frontier: The Impact of Settler-Colonial Thought on US Housing
River Riddle Maxine Oland UM/Amherst C17 163 Art of the Dutch Caribbean: Themes in Postcolonial Art
Owen H. Thornton Jon Huibregtse Framingham St U C19 163 A Punishment for "Crime": Anti-Blackness in the Prison Industrial Complex in the 21st Century
Andrew J. Witkowski Garrett Washington UM/Amherst C12 163 American Guns and Soviet Lives: The Saving of the USSR
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Maxfield Mandela Nadeau-DaCruz Ana D. Villalobos UM/Amherst C22 163

Performing Gender: How Transgender and Cisgender People Understand Gender Differently

Genevieve Rose Young Leda Cooks UM/Amherst C21 163 The Impact of Heteronormativity on Queer Relationships
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Emiliya Aleksanyan Lisa Sanders UM/Amherst C24 163 Speech Perception in Multilingual and Monolingual Listeners
Sonia Elizabeth Carroll Megan C. Gross UM/Amherst C23 163

Matrix Language Framework Analysis of Mixed Noun Phrases

Isabella Barbara Craft Megan C. Gross UM/Amherst C28 163

Promoting Heritage Language Maintenance for Children with and without Disabilities

Aeddon Evans-Reese Ray Kinoshita Mann UM/Amherst C25 163 Impacts of Language on Gender Inequality in the Labor Market
Jolie Mae Lepere Shota Negishi UM/Amherst C29 163 Using Sentence Puzzles to Explore a Timing Effect on Agreement Attraction
Adrianna Jaclyn Puccio Luce Aubry Framingham St U C26 163 Understanding Deaf Consumers' Perspectives on Remote Interpreting via Zoom or Other Video Conferencing Platforms
Dominique Paris Wander Jacquie Kurland UM/Amherst C27 163 Examining the Effects of Familiarity on Conversational Success between Aphasic and Non-aphasic Individuals
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sabrina A. Bailey Catherine Buell Fitchburg St U C33 163 How It Felt to Be Me Writing How It Feels to Be Me
Julia Rosa Conturso Hannah Haynes MCLA C30 163 Politics of Respectability in Claude McKay's Banjo
Arunendro Dutta Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina UM/Amherst C32 163 The Woolfs and Empire
Sejin Guy Stephen Clingman UM/Amherst C31 163
Scatological Imagery in Contemporary American Literature
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Benjamin Burns Markos Katsoulakis UM/Amherst A41 Auditorium Score-Based Generative Modeling with Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Regularizers
Jose Miguel Cruz Annie Raymond UM/Amherst A42 Auditorium Vertices of Generalized Pitman-Stanley Flow Polytopes
Eren Gulbas Leili Shahriyari UM/Amherst A46 Auditorium Immune Classification of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Cooper Davis Rogers Jessie Oehrlein Fitchburg St U A44 Auditorium Creating a Study Guide for the Actuarial P Exam
Gabrielle Marie Walczak Maryclare Griffin UM/Amherst A43 Auditorium Deep Dive Into Gaussian Processes and Variable Importance
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Anish Mitagar Yair Zick UM/Amherst A50 Auditorium Fair Matrix Completion: Objectives and Optimization
Delton Record Zachary James Sheffler UM/Amherst A47 Auditorium MVP Voting in Major League Baseball and How the BBWAA Values Players: Using Advanced Metrics and Qualitative Data to Derive an Answer
Timur Rizvanov Swami Iyer UM/Boston A49 Auditorium

How to Stop Worrying the Experimental Uncertainty of Heterogeneous Bioactivity Data

Shreyas Waghe Yair Zick UM/Amherst A48 Auditorium Efficient Convex Optimization in Fair Machine Learning
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Jane Li Mark Pachucki UM/Amherst C34 163 Recessions, Presuppositions, and Self-Reflections: Political Party Affiliation and Self-Determined Social Mobility
Adia N. Samba-Quee Ana D. Villalobos UM/Amherst C35 163 Alternative Queerness: How Queer First-Generation Americans Understand Their Roots to Plant Their Seeds
Elizabeth Stone Thomas Conroy Worcester St U C36 163

Feelings of Failure: Academic Ambition and AP Exam Performance

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Emma Michele Azzi Brenda K. Bushouse UM/Amherst A51 Auditorium

Revitalizing Open Source: Investigating the Potential of Sabbaticals for Contributor Sustainability in OSS Projects

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Amelia Laino Caralyn Zehnder UM/Amherst C37 163

The Intersectionality of Period Poverty and Incarceration

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Cambria Patrice Boyd-Thomas Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky UM/Dartmouth A68 Auditorium
An Autism Awareness Institution with Connections for The Homeless
Victoria Grace Phillips Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky UM/Dartmouth A70 Auditorium Dispensary Design: Breaking the Stigma
Brianna Rose Wetherbee Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky UM/Dartmouth A69 Auditorium A New Lease on Life: From Historic Building to Flexible Workspace
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Darcy Lally Rachelle A. Dermer Fitchburg St U C26 163 Swords and Soliloquies: Exploring the Actor’s Process in Directing ‘I Am Myself Alone’
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Brooke Mary Abouhamad Margaret Stratton UM/Amherst A48 Auditorium

Uncovering Molecular Interactors of Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II (CaMKII)

Sydney Lillian Bailey Jens Rister UM/Boston A53 Auditorium Understanding the Expression Profile of Hmx in Drosophila melanogaster
Tim Fobes Opeyemi Odewale Quinsigamond CC A44 Auditorium

Varicella-Zoster Virus and the Effects on the Vestibular System 

Veronica Hoac Rachel Hestrin UM/Amherst A49 Auditorium Divergent Mycorrhizal Lineages: Different Morphology and Colonization Rates in a Model Grass
Laura Ann Jansen Margaret Stratton UM/Amherst A45 Auditorium Subunit Exchange in CaMKII Alpha Variant
Roza Khalifa Jason Roush UM/Boston A43 Auditorium Regulation of Capicua by ERK-Mediated Phosphorylation in Drosophila melanogaster 
Brendon Lee Catherine McCusker UM/Boston A50 Auditorium The Role of Neural Signaling in the Regulation of Growth Plate Activity in the Regenerating Limb Long Bones of the Mexican Axolotl
Micah Lohr Jennifer VanWyk UM/Amherst A46 Auditorium Assessing Thermal Tolerance of Infected and Uninfected Bombus impatiens to a Variable Thermal Environment
Andrew Miller-Klugman Patrick Kearns UM/Boston A52 Auditorium Dormancy in the Amphibian Skin Microbiome
Larissa Oliveira Souza Jessica Crowley Quinsigamond CC A51 Auditorium Comparison of the Structure of the Insulin Signaling Pathway Microtubule Star (mts) Gene in Three Species of Drosophila
Isabelle A. Stephen Li-Jun Ma UM/Amherst A47 Auditorium Characterizing Peronospora belbahrii Effectors
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Cyrus Dean Ekland Lucy Xiaolu Wang UM/Amherst C4 163 Regulation and Utilization in Markets for Controlled Substances
Arisa Jordan Christa Michelle Marr Fitchburg St U C3 163 Erosion of Intergenerational Mobility: A Case Study on Housing Affordability in Massachusetts
Clifton Pierre-Antoine Lynda J. Thompson Massasoit CC C1 163 Principles or Profits: The Ethical Crossroads of Accounting
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Isabella Rasku-Casas Joanna Dahl UM/Boston A55 Auditorium Integration of Biomechanics and Machine Learning for Extracellular Vesicle Analysis
Ethan Wagner Jonathan Celli UM/Boston A54 Auditorium Screening of MicroRNA Targets for Phototherapy Combination Treatments for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Abigail Phyllis Allworth Changqing Chen Salem St U A58 Auditorium Testing Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Increased Bioavailability of Curcumin
Joshua Sargent Christine MacTaylor Salem St U A57 Auditorium The Properties of Endophytes Found in Juniperus communis
Edward AF Urkowitz Christine MacTaylor Salem St U A56 Auditorium Further Exploring the Antibacterial Properties of Endophytic Metabolites Found in Oenothera biennis 
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Livia Trindade Tashauna Blankenship UM/Boston A71 Auditorium Episodic Memory Perspective Impacts Episodic Future Thinking
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Lisa Tohline Kathleen E. Baker Middlesex CC A3 Auditorium The White Christian Nationalist Next Door
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Nathan LaPointe Elena Carbone UM/Amherst A5 Auditorium Forensic Literacy: Helping to Solve the Problem of Wrongful Convictions
Lindsay Sezen Darcy L. Boellstorff Bridgewater St U A4 Auditorium The Unidentified of New England
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Madelyn M. Ambler Anthony D'Amico Salem St U A76 Auditorium Labeling Learning Disabilities: A Qualitative Analysis of the Perceptions of Former Special Education Students on Their Educational Experiences
Le Xuyen Chi Bui Mary Jo Shafer N Essex CC A77 Auditorium How Has the Idea of Free Speech Influenced Students' Expression across the US in the Past Five Years?
Emma Niki McGlynn Brian William Ernest Salem St U A73 Auditorium Perceptions of Former Multilingual Students on Their Educational Experiences
Megan Kathleen Moore Sarah Thomas Bridgewater St U A74 Auditorium Thou Shalt See How Apt It Is to Learn: Making Shakespeare Accessible to English Learners
Phibi Elsa Ngankam Laura Figueroa UM/Amherst A74 Auditorium Empowering Underrepresented Students in STEM Labs: A Path to Inclusive Excellence
Keven R. Paul Elaine Craghead Mass Maritime A75 Auditorium Does Location Matter? Cultural Awareness via Experiential Learning for Maritime Professionals
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Adam Curtis Misiaszek Thilina Dilan Surasinghe Bridgewater St U A1 Auditorium Cranberry Bog Restoration Effectiveness Research
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Jean-Marco Lima Michael G. Bankson Massasoit CC A2 Auditorium The Cause and Effects of Plastic Waste on the Environment
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Madeleine Grace Hines Kevin L. Young UM/Amherst C11 163 An Investigation of the Power of the Health and Pharmaceutical Industry with Respect to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
Zoe B. King Ray Kinoshita Mann UM/Amherst C7 163 How to Hedge Climate Risks in the Housing Industry
Benjamin Kohlberg Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst C6 163

Bridging the Bases: How Small-Market Major League Baseball Teams Navigate MLB’s Financial Landscape

Carter Michael Shepherd Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst C5 163 Professional Athlete Financial Literacy and Management
Peter Joseph Sullivan Hernan D. Bejarano UM/Amherst C10 163 The Role of ESG Investing in Portfolio Management
Arsen Zhaichybekov Robert Isaac Carr UM/Lowell C9 163 Mergers and Acquisitions in Developing Countries
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Maya Nicole Arruda Robert Drew UM/Dartmouth C13 163 Gene Expression in Anemonefish: Bryoporin, Thioredoxin-like, and Epithelial Splicing Regulatory Protein 2
Molly Elena Hoffenberg Kathleen Arcaro UM/Amherst C12 163
Using Genome-Wide DNA Methylation as a Biomarker for Individual Breast Cancer Risk
Hlaing Htoo Jessica Crowley Quinsigamond CC C17 163 "Comparative Synteny Analysis of the Microtubule Star Gene in Drosophila obscura and Drosophila persimilis with Reference to Drosophila melanogaster"
Parker Huggins Jessica Crowley Quinsigamond CC C16 163 Synteny and Genetic Conservation of the Microtubule Star Gene in the Drosophila busckii and Drosophila hydei Species as Compared to Drosophila melanogaster
Sarthak Narain Srivastava Lauren B. Andrews UM/Amherst C15 163 Investigation of Chloramphenicol Antibiotic Resistance and Its Interplay with Biofilm Formation in Escherichia coli via CRISPR Interference
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Tarunima Agarwal Daniel F. López-Cevallos UM/Amherst A12 Auditorium Bridging the Gap: Policy Solutions to Reduce Neonatal Mortality in India
Vincent Michael Baldassarri Maxine Oland UM/Amherst A18 Auditorium Parasitic Policy: Perspectives of the Congo
Holliday Elizabeth Bucar Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A11 Auditorium How Globalization of Healthcare Accessibility, Medical Expertise, and Societal Influences Impact Patients in the United States, France, and Cuban Economies
Sabrina Chhorn Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A9 Auditorium

Globalization and the Khmer Genocide: How It Was Realized and How It Is Remembered

Catherine Corrigan Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A16 Auditorium

Water for All: Examining the Impact of Water Privatization in Three Global Contexts

Takamori James Decker Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A8 Auditorium Intellectual Property: An Analysis of Patenting on a Global Scale
Saniya Jain Cedric de Leon UM/Amherst A15 Auditorium A Multi-methodological Inquiry into the Employment Relations and Informality of the Domestic Work Sector in India
Elizabeth J. Kirkman Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A6 Auditorium Investigating the Impacts of Globalization on Healthcare Around the Globe
Samina Mian Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A7 Auditorium The "Miracles" of the 1960s Green Revolution and the Globalization of Agriculture: Who Did It Truly Benefit?
Tiffany Pham Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A17 Auditorium Exploitation of Patent Laws by Large Pharmaceutical Companies
Eve Alexandra Slattery Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A14 Auditorium Impact of Multinational Corporations on the Global Environment
Carlos A. Vizcardo Benites Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A13 Auditorium The Neoliberal Model: Peru since 1990
Rebecca L. Yen Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A10 Auditorium Neoliberal Globalization and the Transformation of Agriculture: Case Studies from Developing Nations
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Samyuktha Badri Lucy Xiaolu Wang UM/Amherst C18 163 Green Equity: A Comprehensive Analysis of Cannabis Social Equity Programs across the United States
Mehrjot Kaur Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C26 163 Improving Medical Educational Opportunities through Workforce Development and Diversity
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Abigail Elizabeth D’Angelo Melissa Mueller UM/Amherst C27 163 The Nine Lives of the Tenth Muse: The Provenance of P.Sapph.Obbink
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Rin Hurd Elizabeth Bussiere UM/Boston A19 Auditorium The Ideological Fight for the Federal Courts: Conservative Success in Judicial Appointments
Nola Marie Minogue Rebecca Hamlin UM/Amherst A20 Auditorium

Hindsight is 20/22: Why the Equal Rights Amendment Would Not Have Saved Roe v. Wade

Molly Roth Toussaint Losier UM/Amherst A21 Auditorium Examining the Barriers to Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated People
Lauren E. Sussmann Kathleen A. Brown-Perez UM/Amherst A23 Auditorium

Beyond Abortion: The Threat to Data Privacy in a Post-Roe World

Allison Hope Turner Catherine Buell Fitchburg St U A22 Auditorium Breaking Barriers: Affirmative Action in Higher Education
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Amanda MacDonald Shari Evans UM/Dartmouth C28 163 "The Future was Sunset": Trauma, Intention, and Empathy in Toni Morrison's Trilogy
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Caitlin Daly Jason Gillis Salem St U A61 Auditorium A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Manual and Mechanical Chest Compressions in Prehospital Cardiac Arrest Patients
Jin Li Rick Kesseli UM/Boston A60 Auditorium Advancing Health and Medicine by Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Immunology
Laura Kathleen Snow Margaret Riley UM/Amherst A59 Auditorium Preventing Surgical Site Infections at the Source: Creating Antimicrobial Sutures Using Bacteriocins
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Natalie Antonucci Maria Antonucci Razvan Sibii UM/Amherst A25 Auditorium A Tale of Two Systems: Economic Outcomes of Immigration Policy in the US and Australia
Alison Virginia Hughes Panteha Sanati Massasoit CC A24 Auditorium COVID-19 among Undocumented Immigrant Workers in the Meatpacking Industry
Grace Emily Kuhn Krishna Poudel UM/Amherst A26 Auditorium A Scoping Review of the Mental Health Burden among Syrian Refugees
Oriana A. Lara Jonathan Bennett Middlesex CC A27 Auditorium Navigating College for Undocumented Students 
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Samantha R. Kelleher Brittany Jeye Worcester St U A78 Auditorium How Does item Memorability Influence the Attentional Blink?
Erin Theresa O'Neil Richard G. Hunter UM/Boston A81 Auditorium Analysis of Dehnel’s Phenomenon through Anti-apoptotic BCL-2L1 Knockdown in Mpf Cells
Trisha Raman Chase Cornelison UM/Amherst A79 Auditorium Exploring the Inflammatory Effects of Glioma-Derived Stem Cell Matrix on Astrocyte Phenotypes for Wound Healing
Rosita Beatriz Ramirez Jason Roush UM/Boston A80 Auditorium Validation and Localization of Somatic Variants in Surgical Human Epilepsy Tissue
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Emily M. Constine Anthony D'Amico Salem St U C20 163 Womens' Experiences with Postpartum Depression during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Integrative Review of the Literature
Declan Conor Hastings Carrie-Ellen Briere UM/Amherst C21 163 Maternal Health and its Effects on Breast Milk Hormones and Infant Outcomes
Rebecca Jules Anthony D'Amico Salem St U C24 163 Exploring Techniques to Help the Premature Infant Transition to Oral Feeding
Jules Ochacher Karen K. Giuliano UM/Amherst C19 163

Nurse-led Medical Product Innovation: Redesigning the Bedpan for Comfort and Usability 

Tina Til Anthony D'Amico Salem St U C22 163 The Effects of Kangaroo Care Pertaining to the Attitudes and Values of Fathers Caring for Their Premature Newborns
Madison Marie Waterson Amy Kendrick Fitchburg St U C23 163 Nursing Burnout: Its Effects and Future Prevention Strategies 
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Anthony Gonzalez Daniel Soucy Mt Wachusett CC C30 163 A Critique of Moral Nativism as a Justification for Ethical Structuralism
Roland Wesley Larsen Daniel Soucy Mt Wachusett CC C29 163 Debord, Baudrillard, and Authentic Social Relations in the Digital Age
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Avash Subedi Christopher Fuchs UM/Boston A62 Auditorium What's Wrong with This Retrit?
Teodora Zhivkova Ed Deveney Bridgewater St U A63 Auditorium A BSU Nitrogen-Vacancy Center ODMR Magnetometer
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Corrado Charles Cruz Catherine Buell Fitchburg St U A33 Auditorium US Foreign Policy in Latin America during the Cold War
Sophia Michelle Farinella Alexander G. Theodoridis UM/Amherst A30 Auditorium The Effect of Levels of Government and Capacity Limits on Support for Land Conservation
Michaela Zaria Jude Gunning Frederic Schaffer UM/Amherst A32 Auditorium Conspiratorial Thinking and Its Relationship with Political Violence in the United States
Nicholas Alexander Lannigan Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A34 Auditorium The Political Dark Side of Genetic Editing: Shedding Light on Public Opinion of CRISPR/Cas9
Kiera Lucia-Intus Robert Isaac Carr Fitchburg St U A36 Auditorium Children of America: Growing Up during the Trump Presidency
Greta Isabel Luf Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A29 Auditorium The Republican Party's Use of Identity Politics: Case Studies into Recent Collective Identities' Influence in Republican Campaigning and Education Policies
Kareem Mosaheb Frederic Schaffer UM/Amherst A37 Auditorium Investigating the Democratic Functioning of the World Health Organization
Ruth Tony-Alabi Scott Blinder UM/Amherst A28 Auditorium COVID-19 among Undocumented Immigrant Workers in the Meatpacking Industry
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Alix Paisley Barry Kathryn Frazier Worcester St U A82 Auditorium

The Intergenerational Transmission of Intensive Parenting Beliefs among Contemporary Mothers

Mellyssa Deoliveira Richard G. Hunter UM/Boston A89 Auditorium

Trauma Type as a Predictor of Disordered Eating Behaviors in a College Sample

Matthew James Erti Stephanie Penley Bridgewater St U A85 Auditorium Empowering Tomorrow's Psychologists: Peer Mentorship for Psychology Students
Zarwah Kanwal Tashauna Blankenship UM/Boston A88 Auditorium Plan Chunking during Memory-Guided Planning
Maria Kontogiannis Jim Sean McQuaid Framingham St U A97 Auditorium Perceptions of Disability
Olesya Kyrychok Brittany Jeye Worcester St U A84 Auditorium

The Role of Race in Facial Memory Specificity 
Alejandra Marianne Ponce Lopez Kristen Sethares UM/Dartmouth A93 Auditorium Impostor Syndrome and Diversity: Race, Ethnicity, and Generation
Andrew James Radoc Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A86 Auditorium An Analysis of Pre-Medical Students and Their Attitudes towards Inclusion of Disability in the Curriculum
Paula Rodriguez Christopher A. Mark Salem St U A92 Auditorium Depression and Gender Role Conflict in Young Adult Men
Paula Rodriguez Ben Miller Salem St U A91 Auditorium Depression and Gender Role Conflict in Young Adult Men
Karuna Sharma Vivian Maria Ciaramitaro UM/Boston A94 Auditorium Biases in the Processing of Dynamic Emotional Faces and Emotional Voices
Karina D. Silva Lisa Maeng UM/Boston A96 Auditorium Estrogen Effects on Prelimbic and Infralimbic ERK Expression Underlying Fear Extinction Memory Consolidation in Female Rats
Melody Mutlu Stelmaszek Tashauna Blankenship UM/Boston A90 Auditorium Cognitive Control and Theory of Mind in Memory Guided Planning 
Samantha Nicole Tenney Mari Castañeda Salem St U A87 Auditorium The Impact of Adoption on Attachment Theory
George J. Wagner Pavithra Giridharan Middlesex CC A95 Auditorium Exploring the Hierarchy of Needs and American Economic Disparities
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Benjamin Pimenta Peeranuch LeSeure UM/Dartmouth C25 163 Candidiasis and the Invisible Idiopathic Pandemic: How We Should Look Deeper and the Future of Medical Research as a Whole
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Adiel Sharon Amos Terry Kawashima UM/Boston A38 Auditorium Transnationalism and Formation of Identity in the South Asian Diaspora of America from the Early 20th Century to the Present 
Caroline Elizabeth Menzie Amy Beaudry Quinsigamond CC A39 Auditorium "Well, Where Does That Leave Me?": Race, Identity, and Racial Hierarchy

Rishi Mukherjee Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A41 Auditorium

Postcolonial Play: South Asian Identity in Intercollegiate Debate

Eden Olayiwole Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A40 Auditorium Contextualization of West African Christian Diaspora, Religion, and Spirituality
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Lila A. Binnur Ercem Middlesex CC C32 163 Thoughts, Prayers, and Policy: Alternative Concepts of Mental Health to the Western Medical Paradigm
Erika Khemarika Pen Pamela Leong Salem St U C31 163 Understanding the Role of Higher Education in Shaping Asian American and Pacific Islander College Students’ College Experiences and Cultural Identity
Anna Fraley Shilhan Lydia Peterson UM/Amherst C34 163 The Study of Transdisciplinary Collaboration 
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sarah Jane Burnett Jason Gillis Salem St U A64 Auditorium A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Exploring Type 1 Diabetes and the Effects of Resistance Training
Emma A. Doran Jason Gillis Salem St U A65 Auditorium A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Exploring the Effects of Kinesiology Tape on Physical Performance
Greg Gentle Jason Gillis Salem St U A66 Auditorium The Effect of Training Status on Mood
Alexis M. Thomas Jason Gillis Salem St U A67 Auditorium The Influence of Alcohol Consumption on Recovery from Exercise in Physically Active Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Lily Elias Saad Matthew D. Moore UM/Amherst A12 Auditorium

 Exploring the Potential of Deep Eutectic Solvents in Concentrating Non-enveloped Virus for Improving Rapid Virus Detection

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Julia Christine Hatzis Kelly B. Klingler UM/Amherst A14 Auditorium Patterns of Habitat Preference, Activity, and Species Interactions for White-Tailed Deer in the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts
Wes Walsh Elizabeth Jakob UM/Amherst A13 Auditorium The Effect of Light and Prey on Web Placement in Agelenopsis spp.
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Leyna Bajaj Min Yun UM/Amherst A16 Auditorium Probing the Density of "HI Monster" Galaxy Neighborhoods and Its Effect on Galaxy Growth
Allison Powell Jennie Traschen UM/Amherst A17 Auditorium Time Dilation of Observers in Schwarzschild de Sitter Spacetime
Angelina Marie Shayda Gopal Narayanan UM/Amherst A15 Auditorium Mechanical Interfaces to the OMAyA Cryostat
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Steven Basaistegui Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U A27 Auditorium Bioinformatics Analysis of Dysferlinopathy and Related Muscle Muscle Diseases
Katelyn Belmore Elizabeth Vierling UM/Amherst A33 Auditorium Unraveling ATAD3
Maxwell William Bollous George LoCascio Fitchburg St U A52 Auditorium Effects of Smokewater Germination on Little Bluestem Development
Molly Brewer Lynn Adler UM/Amherst A21 Auditorium Exploring Preference Choices in Bombus impatiens and the Impact of Captivity on Decision Making
Isabella Rose Brothers Joseph A. Bruseo Holyoke CC A30 Auditorium The Relationship between Peromyscus leucopus and Peromyscus maniculatus Abundance and Acorn Mast
Josean Cabrera Mao-Lun Weng Westfield St U A25 Auditorium Microbiota of Epileptic Brain versus Normal Brain Microbiota
Dominic Castaldi Lauren B. Andrews UM/Amherst A40 Auditorium A Multiplexed CRISPR Interference Approach to Investigate the Genetic Interactions for Spectinomycin Antibiotic Resistance and Biofilm Formation in Escherichia coli
Angel Checo Reynoso Ayodele C. O'Uhuru UM/Amherst A26 Auditorium Biodiversity Conservation in the Face of Climate Change: Fucoid Macroalgae Dynamics on Boston Harbor Islands
Nicole I. deBlois Li-Jun Ma UM/Amherst A44 Auditorium Characterizing a New Race of the Basil Downy Mildew Pathogen Peronospora belbahrii
Alkmini Diamantidi Yasu S. Morita UM/Amherst A38 Auditorium Pseudomonas Rhamnolipids Induces Membrane Stress Response in Mycobacteria
Elizabeth M. Eaton John G. Gibbons UM/Amherst A19 Auditorium Unraveling Microbial Synergy: A. oryzae and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Co-culture in Sake Fermentation
Marissa Ann Feary Mao-Lun Weng Westfield St U A24 Auditorium Comparison of Brain Microbiome between Pet Mice and Laboratory Mice
Rossella Marina Gargiulo Kimberly D. Tremblay UM/Amherst A35 Auditorium Investigating the Role of N-linked Glycosylation-Associated, Mid-gestation Lethal Knockout Mouse Lines in Placental Development
Tarah Isabel Gervais Mandy Muller UM/Amherst A31 Auditorium KSHV's Molecular Heist: Decay of Host mRNA, PABPC Relocation, and CRM1-Mediated Liberation of Escapees
Jared Gracia-David Jeffrey Blanchard UM/Amherst A32 Auditorium Discovery of Novel Bacteriophage Species and Functional Traits in a Forest Soil Warming Experiment
Tristan Grieve Yasu S. Morita UM/Amherst A41 Auditorium Transcriptional Regulation of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in Mycobacteria
Owen A. Hurlbut Lesk Lila M. Gierasch UM/Amherst C38 163 Investigating the Interaction between UDP-glucose: Glycoprotein glucosyltransferase (UGGT), a Key Gatekeeper of Glycoprotein Folding, and the 15 kDa selenoprotein (Sep15)
Seojin Jung Jeffrey Blanchard UM/Amherst A47 Auditorium Metagenome analysis of soil-dwelling bacterial decomposers following long-term warming using a reference genome approach
Marcos Lora Lauren B. Andrews UM/Amherst A49 Auditorium Elucidating the Relationships of Cell Surface Biophysical Properties on Cellular Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of Laboratory and Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Strains
Nishtha Lotun Jeffrey Blanchard UM/Amherst C7 163 Emergence of a Novel Virus following Long-Term Experimental Soil Warming
Erika Mata Mao-Lun Weng Westfield St U A23 Auditorium Comparison of Brain Microbiome between Humans and Mice 
Bonnie Mccarter Reena Randhir STCC A53 Auditorium Energy from Wastewater 
Gianna Francesca Misuraca Paul Katz UM/Amherst A18 Auditorium Ionotropic Receptor and Neuropeptide Expression in Chemosensory Appendages of the Berghia nudibranch
Evelyn Jean Moore Jessica Rocheleau UM/Amherst A50 Auditorium Design of Experiments in Biology
Cecelia Murphy Li-Jun Ma UM/Amherst A22 Auditorium Unique Expansion of PARP Family Proteins in the Fusarium oxysporum Species Complex
Cyan Neglawi Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U A28 Auditorium Use of 4PBA and 2NOAA to Treat  Mutations in Dysferlin
Jayshalynn Oquendo Reena Randhir STCC A54 Auditorium Natural Climate Solutions for Environmental Sustainability 
Emily Pease Kimberly D. Tremblay UM/Amherst A36 Auditorium Investigating the Role of Protoporphyrinogen oxidase (Ppox) during Murine Embryonic Development
Carlos Pineda Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U A48 Auditorium ROS Measurement in WT and Mutant Arabidopsis Treated with Silver Nanoparticles (AgNP)
Neida O. Portillo Lynn Adler UM/Amherst A20 Auditorium
Crithidia bombi Fluorescence Loss in the Absence of Neomycin
Henry Meinke Raughley Michele M. Klingbeil UM/Amherst A42 Auditorium Investigation of Physical Interactions between Essential Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase Paralogs in Trypanosoma brucei
Gabriella Rizzo James F. Holden UM/Amherst A43 Auditorium Methanothermococcus sp. strain Ax23: A New Thermophilic Methanogen Isolated from a Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent and its Implications for Detecting Extraterrestrial Life
Alina Shkurikhina Elizabeth Vierling UM/Amherst A29 Auditorium Generation of Mutant Lines of Arabidopsis thaliana Chloroplast Small Heat Shock Proteins
Nicole Carol Steinmeyer Elizabeth Vierling UM/Amherst A37 Auditorium Validating GSNOR Protein Interactors and Their Regulatory Role in Nitric Oxide Signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana
Alden H. Thomas Laura N. Vandenberg UM/Amherst A51 Auditorium The Effects of Perinatal Exposures to TAML Catalysts on Immune Cells and the Spleen in Mice Prior to Puberty
Jason Tovar Sean M. Rollins Fitchburg St U A39 Auditorium The Identification of Face Mask Microbial Contaminants
Charles Elijah Walker-Hoover Reena Randhir STCC A46 Auditorium

Harnessing Microbes for Sustainable Plastic Production and Degradation

Todd Yau Jennifer Rauch UM/Amherst A34 Auditorium Understanding the Degradation Pathway and Kinetics of Tau Protein in Human Neuroglioma Cells Utilizing dCAS9-KRAB

Olivia Young Reena Randhir STCC A45 Auditorium

Adaptation to Climate Change in Colombian Agriculture

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Narine Lucia Berberian Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst A57 Auditorium

Finding the Ideal Seeding Ratio for a Tumor Model

Jennifer Lee Diaz Reena Randhir STCC A55 Auditorium The Link between Climate Change, UV Radiation and Skin Cancer Risk
Dhimitraq Nikolla Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst A56 Auditorium Constructing Astrocyte-derived Extracellular Matrix to Explore Secondary Tissue Remodeling in Support of Breast Cancer Metastasis
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Thomas Francesco Adler-Mandile Mathangi Krishnamurthy Fitchburg St U A58 Auditorium Synthesis and Characterization of Blattellaquinone and Analogues for Their Evaluation as Cockroach Sex Pheromones
Kevin Alexander Jeanne Hardy UM/Amherst A62 Auditorium Exploring the Druggability of Chikungunya Virus Protease nsP2 Using Biomolecular NMR
Colby Alves Vincent Rotello UM/Amherst A64 Auditorium Synthesis of a FRET-based Polymeric Sensor Array Library for Discriminating Proteins in Serum Using Diverse Amino Acid Recognition Elements
Isabella Catao Roderico Acevedo Westfield St U A61 Auditorium Exploration of α-L-iduronidase (IDUA) Using Virtual Reality Technology
Jack F. Gangemi Dennis Awasabisah Fitchburg St U A68 Auditorium Synthetic Heme Antimalarial Adducts; Synthesis and Electrochemistry
Daniel Heron Igor Kaltashov UM/Amherst A59 Auditorium

Exploration of PF4 Binding and Conformational Dynamics via Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry

Viktor Insanic Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst A71 Auditorium PET-RAFT Synthesis of Hydrogels
Marina O. Kamayou Mathangi Krishnamurthy Fitchburg St U A75 Auditorium

 Synthesis and Anticancer Evaluation of Z-Isomer Combretastatin Analogues via Perkin Condensation

Justin Kieu Mingxu You UM/Amherst A67 Auditorium Regulatable RNA Probes: Toward Spatiotemporal Control of Cellular RNA Granule Formation
Qinge Liu Mingxu You UM/Amherst A66 Auditorium Fluorogenic RNA Imaging Sensors
Akshitha Maqtedar Lila M. Gierasch UM/Amherst A63 Auditorium Mapping the Impact in the Substrate Binding Domain of DnaK upon Binding of the Nucleotide Binding Domain of DnaK to the Nucleotide Exchange Factor, GrpE
Fiona McEvoy Richard Vachet UM/Amherst A65 Auditorium Derivatization of Aldehyde-Containing Molecules with Hydrazide Reagents on Tissue Surfaces for Enhanced Detection with MALDI-MSI
Adrian Miller Maricris Mayes Mass. Bay CC A60 Auditorium Tuning Reduction Potential of Redox-Active Material through Quantum Mechanics Molecular Design
Taras Nagornyy Wei Fan UM/Amherst A73 Auditorium

Synthesis of Si-LTA Zeolites with Controllable Defects in the Presence of Ammonia Fluoride 

Ethan Arden Rivers Sarah L. Perry UM/Amherst A72 Auditorium

Designing Peptides for Multiphase Complex Coacervation

Jamie Seo Jeanne Hardy UM/Amherst A74 Auditorium Inhibition of Caspase-6 Activation as a Therapeutic Strategy in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Sarah Tobia Lynmarie K. Thompson UM/Amherst A70 Auditorium DNA-Mediated Assembly of Functional Chemoreceptor Complexes in E. coli
Claire Walko Nianqiang Wu UM/Amherst A69 Auditorium

Engineering Nanostructured Photocatalysts for Sustainable Nitrogen Fertilizer Synthesis

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Brickelle Leitl Reena Randhir STCC A5 Auditorium Climate Change Impacts on Cardiovascular Disease
Gregory Lemieux Reena Randhir STCC A2 Auditorium Innovative Solutions to Mitigate Plastic Pollution
Claire Marie Picard Reena Randhir STCC A3 Auditorium Climate Change and Diabetes
Priscilla Rodriguez Reena Randhir STCC A7 Auditorium The Impact of Climate Change on Vector Borne Diseases
Stephan Saint-Juste Maria Stager UM/Amherst A11 Auditorium Do Hudsonian Godwit Chicks Exhibit Sex-Specific Patterns of Growth and Survival?
Onia Caneil Simmons Reena Randhir STCC A4 Auditorium Ozone Depletion, Ultraviolet Radiation, Climate Change and Prospects for a Sustainable Future
Thalia Ivelisse Torres Reena Randhir STCC A1 Auditorium Climate Change Impacts on Plant Pathogens and Food Security
Caitlyn Elizabeth Wellington Reena Randhir STCC A6 Auditorium The Montreal Protocol to Protect Stratospheric Ozone Layer
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Jeanna Marie Serafino Reena Randhir STCC C39 163 Effects of Cannabis Use in Adolescence 
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Arzu Kasimova Reena Randhir STCC A100 Auditorium The Impact of Air Pollution on Environmental and Human Health
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Mara Lachance Beck Barbara Osborne UM/Amherst C11 163 Serological Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Free-Ranging New England White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
Adam Michael Charest Margaret Riley UM/Amherst C6 163 Developing an Alternative Acne Treatment Based on Antimicrobial Bacteriocins
Allison Marie DeJordy Reena Randhir STCC C5 163 MRI Helps Map the Labyrinth in Meniere’s Disease
Renae S. Fraser Reena Randhir STCC C12 163 Genetic Risk Factors and Preventative Strategies for Breast Cancer
Veronica Blythe Shalom Grubb Daniel Soucy Mt Wachusett CC C9 163 Comparative Analysis of Malaria Vaccines: A Literature Review 
Srichakrika Gudimella Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U C2 163 Chemical Chaperone Testing in a Muscular Dystrophy Cell Culture Model
Melanie Mejia Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U C13 163 Abnormalities in Cells with Muscular Dystrophy
Erin M. Newhall Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst C1 163 Measuring Skin Hydration to Estimate Burn Depth and Degree
Stephanie Pelletier Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U C4 163 Drug Discovery for a Rare Form of Muscular Dystrophy
Melinda Seto Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst C10 163 Thermography as a Diagnostic Tool in Melanoma
Taja Viera Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U C3 163 Restoring Dysferlin Expression in a Cell Culture Model of Muscular Dystrophy
Gina Vilayphone Eric Owen Williams Fitchburg St U C8 163 The Restoration of Dysferlin through Chemical Chaperones for the L1341P Gene Mutation

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Raquel Pilat Reena Randhir STCC A8 Auditorium Bridging Gaps for Respiratory Health in Springfield
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Rohan Heron Reena Randhir STCC A10 Auditorium The Environmental and Health Impacts of Fast Fashion
Kassandra A. Rivera Reena Randhir STCC A9 Auditorium Communities Creating Climate Solutions for a Healthy Planet and Healthy People
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sofia Blomqvist Margaret Riley UM/Amherst A76 Auditorium Evolution of Nuclease Bacteriocins
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Aron Reuben Korsunsky Jianhan Chen UM/Amherst C14 163 The TRPC5 Golden Site: How Small Changes to a Ligand Affect Our Perceptions of Pain
Liza Pobezinskaya Daniel N. Hebert UM/Amherst C16 163 Understanding How Proteins are Extracted from the Lectin Chaperone Cycle for Degradation
Shai Vilner Shimoni Mandy Muller UM/Amherst C15 163 Characterizing the Role of Human Antigen R (HuR) in Protecting IL-6 mRNA from Viral Degradation
Tyler Jakob Yoder Janice C. Telfer UM/Amherst C17 163 Canine and Feline WC1 and γδ T cell Response to Leptospira
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Lauren Giovana Miguel Hossein Pishro-Nik UM/Amherst C18 163 Navigating the Healthcare Labyrinth: A Comprehensive Analysis of Decision-Making, Environmental Influences, and Barriers in Clinical Practice for Enhanced Patient Care
Audrey Josephine Royce Krishna Poudel UM/Amherst C19 163 A Scoping Review of the Impact of Climate Change on Human Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
June Ahn Elizabeth Mearls UM/Amherst A77 Auditorium The Role of Adenosine A2A Receptor on the Induction of Regulatory T Cells in Uveitis
Tabarek Al Bakri Reena Randhir STCC A83 Auditorium Long-Term Effects of Benzodiazepines on the Brain
Taylor R. Camossi Roderico Acevedo Westfield St U A84 Auditorium Exploring the Interaction Similarities between IGF-1 and Insulin-Binding to the Insulin Receptor
Loryn Crutchfield Reena Randhir STCC A82 Auditorium
The Healing Power of Community Gardens
Vy Nguyen Jungwoo Lee UM/Amherst A80 Auditorium Determining Mechanoculture Conditions of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells to Enhance Osteogenesis and Inhibit Adipogenesis
Triantafyllia Siokas Gwenael Layec UM/Amherst A78 Auditorium The Effects of Eight Weeks of Heat Therapy on Arterial Stiffness in Individuals with Long COVID
Deaux-Deaux Thibodeaux Dylan J. Carman Berkshire CC A79 Auditorium The Effect of Gravity on Metabolic Processes
Ava Grace Warner Lynnette Leidy Sievert UM/Amherst A81 Auditorium The Possible Association between Mirena Use and Increased Risk of Symptoms at Midlife
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Luc A. Barrett Krishna Kumar UM/Amherst A89 Auditorium A Program to Identify Secondary Background Sources in the MOLLER Experiment
Jackson Paul Diodati Shubha Tewari UM/Amherst A85 Auditorium Effects of Obstacle Size and Placement in 3-D Gravity-Driven Granular Flow
Mor Evron David Kawall UM/Amherst A88 Auditorium

Measurement of Transient Magnetic Fields of Interest to the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab

Shane Alexander Keiser Jonathan Lee Machta UM/Amherst A86 Auditorium Developing Cluster Algorithms for the ANNNI Model
Mahabat Iesa Khanji Rory Allen Miskimen UM/Amherst A87 Auditorium
Measuring Neutral Pion Polarizability in the GlueX Experiment at Jefferson Lab
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Gwyneth Amonte Krishna Poudel UM/Amherst C30 163 A Scoping Review of the Relationship between Air Pollution and Respiratory Infections in South Asian Urban Slums
Josephine Maria Beckett Caryn Brause UM/Amherst C24 163 Food Insecurity and Student Wellbeing: Understanding the Experience of Utilizing Campus Resources
Francesco Campione Denise Simion Fitchburg St U C22 163 Positive and Negative Effects of the Pharmaceutical Industry on Society
Sophia Elizabeth Clay Reena Randhir STCC C23 163 Effects of Air Pollution on Public Health
Jacob W. DePass Richard Viskochil UM/Boston C25 163 Obesity Paradox in Cancer Patients with Pre-Existing Hyperglycemia and Diabetes
Marie Fandy Christine Woodward St Laurent UM/Amherst C21 163 Socio-Demographic Modifiers in Relations between 24-Hour Behavior Guideline Compliance and Receptive Vocabulary in Preschool Children
Abigail Grimm Liz Bertone-Johnson UM/Amherst C20 163 Examining Relationships between School Experience and Mental Health in Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Adolescents
Kyleigh Hairston Linnea Evans UM/Amherst C35 163 The Effects of School Receivership on Students of Color and Teachers
Fiona Marie Lyons Elizabeth Evans UM/Amherst C28 163 Awareness and Perceptions of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV among Incarcerated Individuals Receiving MOUD at a Rural Massachusetts Jail
Jordan Cecelia McConnell Caryn Brause UM/Amherst C36 163 Online Disconnect: Understanding Students' Feelings of Institutional Belonging during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Samantha Anne Mustain Reena Randhir STCC C33 163 Pollution Exposure during Pregnancy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Hana Rosemary Power Laura N. Vandenberg UM/Amherst C31 163 The Effects of Perinatal Exposures to Propylparaben on the Development and Morphology of the Mammary Gland in Female Mice in Early Adulthood
Janelis Rivera Reena Randhir STCC C37 163 Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Food Security
Ryan Micheal Steele Reena Randhir STCC C27 163 Water Footprint of Dietary Choices and Sustainability
Natasha Vargas Reena Randhir STCC C32 163 The Impact of Microplastics on Environmental and Human Health
Natalie Anne Wessell Krishna Poudel UM/Amherst C34 163 A Scoping Review of Tuberculosis Burden among Young People With Diabetes In Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Abigail Williams Reena Randhir STCC C26 163 The Silent Threat of Over-the-Counter Drugs
Monet Theresa Estella Williams Laura Va UM/Amherst C29 163 The Effects of Gabapentin and Lamotrigine
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Dillon Matthew Granberg John L. Crawley Fitchburg St U A91 Auditorium Bridging the Gap: Exploring the Parallels between Youth Sports Coaching and Professional Development
Remi Hirsh Michael Busa UM/Amherst A90 Auditorium The Effects of Thermoregulatory Capacity and Metabolism during Moderate Physical Activity and Humidity in Hot Conditions
Danny Nesen Reena Randhir STCC A96 Auditorium Unlocking the Secrets of Muscle Hypertrophy
James Piesco Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A92 Auditorium The Impact of Sponsorship on the Survivability of Sports Leagues
Timothy Bernard Sahagian Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A93 Auditorium Would the Implementation of a Salary Cap in Major League Baseball Promote Competitive Balance and Parity throughout the League?
Karan Srikrishna Jane Kent UM/Amherst A99 Auditorium Quantifying Human Resting Intramyocellular Oxygen Tension In Vivo
Jessica Stephen Douglas Martini UM/Amherst A94 Auditorium Assessing the Relationships among Age, Cognition, and Gait
Jules Sylvester Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A95 Auditorium Evaluating the Difference in Skill between Kickers and Their Value to NFL Teams
Pedro Ramos Tameirao Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A98 Auditorium The Impact of Travel on Team Success: A Comprehensive Analysis in the NBA and NFL
Nicholas A. Weng Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A97 Auditorium NIL in College Sports: A Closer Look

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Megan Ashley Lavoice Reena Randhir STCC C36 163 Embracing Technology for a Sustainable Food System
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Abigail Jo Brooks Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C7 163 Crafting Community
Lydia Litvak Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C21 163 Community Mural Project: Encouraging Social Support for Members of the Amherst Community 
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
JONATHAN A. CHIN Reena Randhir STCC C35 163 AI-Powered Precision for Diabetes Diagnosis and Data Analysis
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
David Dagenais Sibongile Mafu UM/Amherst A30 Auditorium Structure-Function Analysis of Diterpene Synthase Genes in Magnaporthe oryzae, the Prime Contributor to Rice Blast Disease
Thea Hannah Wysocki Lisa Marie Grimm Fitchburg St U A1 Auditorium Mechanisms Compensating for Gene Loss during Avian Evolution
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Anna Grace Brittan Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C14 163 Transforming Capital and Community: Food Co-operative Worker-Owner Models
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Madison Taylor Berardi Stacyann Bailey UM/Amherst A33 Auditorium

The Effects of Palliative Radiotherapy on Trabecular Bone Architecture at Different Skeletal Sites

Adriana Garber Mandy Muller UM/Amherst A32 Auditorium The Molecular Symphony: IGF2BP1 and IGF2BP3 Choreography in Safeguarding IL-6 Against KSHV's Viral Host Shutoff
Emma M. Gerace Govind Srimathveeravalli UM/Amherst C30 163 Role of Reversible and Irreversible Electroporation in Human Glioblastoma Cell Death Pathways
Hannah Lee Jungwoo Lee UM/Amherst C31 163 Investigating the Role of Bone Extracellular Matrix in Regulating Disseminated Breast Tumor Cell Fate
Jack Muse Stacyann Bailey UM/Amherst C38 163 A Direct Co-culture Model to Examine the Influence of Prostate Cancer Cell Lines on Bone Resorption
Tiana Naylor Prabhani Atukorale UM/Amherst A34 Auditorium Exploring the Mechanisms of the Synergistic Effects of Multiple Innate Immune Pathways for Their Use in Cancer Immunotherapy
Shriya Shukla Steven D. Brewer UM/Amherst C39 163 The Hotspots of Skin Cancer: Utilizing Thermal Imaging for Diagnosis
Sophie A. Spielberger Michelle Farkas UM/Amherst A31 Auditorium Studying Oscillations of SNAIL in Breast Cancer Models of Varying Malignancy Using a SNAIL-Luciferase Reporter
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
David Russell Abgrab Zhu Chen UM/Amherst C40 163

Rapid Characterization of CO2 Reduction Products Using Copper Oxide Nanoparticle Catalysts

Adama Bangura Dennis Awasabisah Fitchburg St U A2 Auditorium Iron(III) Porphyrin Complex and Its Reaction with Quinoline-Based Antimalarial Drugs
Zachary J. Desir Dennis Awasabisah Fitchburg St U C3 163 Synthesis and Reactions of Iron(III) mu-oxo-bridged Tetraphenylporphyrin
John Joseph Ferriera Michelle Farkas UM/Amherst C34 163 Nanobodies as Novel Tools to Target and Study Protein-Protein Interactions of Core Circadian Proteins
Mahidhar Sai Lakkavaram Shelly Peyton UM/Amherst C37 163 Developing Decellularized Plant-Based Biomaterials
Aiden Tyler Luckey Aisling Mary O'Connor Fitchburg St U C1 163

GC/MS Analysis of Vapes

Isabella Anne MacNaughton Max Prigozhin UM/Amherst C33 163

Optimizing Multicolor Nanoprobes for Electron Microscopy

Stanley Yuan Lynmarie K. Thompson UM/Amherst A35 Auditorium Unraveling CheA Regulation by Domain Stabilization in Bacterial Chemotaxis
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Geena Renee Duval Catherine Buell Fitchburg St U A3 Auditorium Effects of ADHD Medications on Children and Alternative Treatments
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Noah Marcus DeCastro Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A36 Auditorium The Fight for Entertainment Dominance: An Examination of the Future of the Film Industry
Oliver Kenneth Eason Zachary Lee Fitchburg St U A19 Auditorium The Evolution of Film Lighting
Emily Gelinas Rachelle A. Dermer Fitchburg St U A15 Auditorium Mutiny & Mayhem: Crafting an Animated Series
Nicholas James Green Catherine Buell Fitchburg St U A14 Auditorium Music of the Worlds
Tyler King Anthony Furnelli Westfield St U A4 Auditorium The Social Media Industry's Role in the Global Information Exchange
Jonah David Charles Pishkin Rachelle A. Dermer Fitchburg St U A13 Auditorium Meanwhile, In Downtown Vermont
Niyati V. Shroff Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A37 Auditorium College Party Culture and Identity
Erica Kay Turner Angela Maione UM/Amherst A38 Auditorium Netflix, Algorithmic Bias, and the Digital Divide
Elliot Averi Zopatti Kevin M. McCarthy Fitchburg St U A16 Auditorium The Little Girl In The Photo Is Me
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sarah J. Butler Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C23 163 A Visual Cookbook: Increasing Independence in the Kitchen for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Kriti Dhiman Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C24 163 Transitioning to the Critical Service-Learning Model: Integrating Meaningful Advocacy into a Student-Run, Service-Learning Organization
Anna Evelyn Kuklinski Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A39 Auditorium From Paths to Playgrounds: Examining Disparities in Park Accessibility for Disabled Individuals across Massachusetts' Socioeconomic Strata
Zoya Ragini Malik Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A41 Auditorium Analyzing the Attitudes and Knowledge of Pre-health Students about Autism
Mia Tittmann Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A96 Auditorium

A Systematic Literature Review on BIPOC Parent Outcomes of Autistic Children

Grace Ivey Tredo Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A40 Auditorium Navigating College: Exploring How Stigma and Support Shape the College Journey for Students with a Mental Illness
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Boula E. Estafanous Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C26 163 Increasing BIPOC College Student Engagement and Participation with Learning Resource Center Academic Help Programs
Arianna M. Gaston Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C25 163 Implementing Cooperative Learning and Goal Setting in a Middle School After School Program to Influence Student Self-Efficacy and Community-Building
Samantha Joy Jocelyn Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A44 Auditorium Unveiling the Influence of Racial Identity on Learning Experiences of Young Black Girls
James N. Marathas Muzzo Uysal UM/Amherst A43 Auditorium Navigating the Educational Landscape in the Wake of COVID-19: Disparities, Challenges, and Paths to Inclusive Learning in Massachusetts
Jan Ashlley Gumpal Masse Emily Rabinsky Holyoke CC A21 Auditorium From Expensive Books to Engaged Students: A Student-Led Approach to Creating a Better Microbiology Laboratory Manual
Colleen Margaret Murphy Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C27 163 Community Engagement in Amherst, Massachusetts: Connecting the Generations through a Tech Support Program
Sofia Emily Rudenko Reena Randhir STCC A28 Auditorium The Effect of Drugs and Alcohol on Glial Cells
Sophie Schilling Mari Castañeda UM/Amherst A42 Auditorium Starlings: An Exploration of Community Engaged Dance Education Methods
Chloe Spurr Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C13 163 Science for the Future: Incorporating Social Justice into the Science Classroom
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Kala Cielo Garrido Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C15 163 The UMass Electronics Repair Collective: Combatting Planned Obsolescence and Constructing Post-Capitalist Politics
Mike Anthony Lauback Hidalgo Jeremy Catalin Andersen UM/Amherst A100 Auditorium Multi-locus species discovery in a cryptic group of long-horned bees
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Emily Duseau Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C8 163 Housing and Healing: The Impacts of Intimate Partner Violence on Housing Stability and Long-Term Solutions for Survivors
Niamh Gray-Mullen Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C9 163 Impacts of Funding Sources for Nonprofit Organizations on Community-Driven Social Justice Initiatives
Eve Lyn Lescovitz Deepika Marya UM/Amherst A94 Auditorium The Destruction of Public Education under Neoliberalism: How the Privatization of Education Contributes to Inequality
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Sanjana Ravikumar Sarah Goff UM/Amherst A91 Auditorium Child Abuse and Neglect Laws Pertaining to Women with Opioid Use Disorder
Iris Tal Weinstock Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C17 163

Uncovering the Policy Landscape of Workforce in Minoritized Communities

Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Jessica Marie DiPietro Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C11 163 Creating Tools for Legal Literacy 
Pratusha Kedari Nouduri Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C10 163 Navigating the Court Systems
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Mikayla Marlee Dresser Caryn Brause UM/Amherst A20 Auditorium Ornitherapy as “Stealth Health”: Supporting Student Well-Being One Bird at a Time
Colleen Dunn Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C18 163

Addressing the Treatment Gap: Integrating Holistic Approaches into Traditional Addiction Therapies

Diamond Smith Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C19 163  Tools of Self-Care: Teaching a Therapeutic Dance Curriculum to High School Students
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Jayden Amirault Heather Richardson UM/Amherst A59 Auditorium Where Did the Myelin Go? Determining the Mechanism by which Alcohol Drinking Reduces Myelin in Adolescence
Kelly A. Armstrong Rebecca Spencer UM/Amherst A48 Auditorium Sleep Effects on Resting State Functional Connectivity Associated with Memory in Aging People 
Reut Berman Douglas Martini UM/Amherst A62 Auditorium The Effect of Age on Prefrontal Cortex Activity during Visually Cued Walking
Megan Bondar Jennifer Mack UM/Amherst A67 Auditorium Social Identity and Aphasia: How Gender Connections Influence Communicative Spaces 
Sarah Jane DeAmicis Paul Katz UM/Amherst A58 Auditorium 3-D EM Reconstructions of Neurons in the Nudibranch, Berghia stephanieae Reveal Novel Ultrastructural Features
Imuetiyan Elizabeth Eweka Rebecca Spencer UM/Amherst A60 Auditorium The Interplay of Motor, Cognition, and Sleep Development across Toddlerhood
Keertana Gangireddy Stephanie L. Padilla UM/Amherst A61 Auditorium Investigating the Role of AgRP Neurons in the Metabolic Gating of Reproduction during Caloric Restriction and Postpartum Lactation
Pankhudi Gupta Jennifer Mack UM/Amherst A50 Auditorium What Aspects of Narrative Content Best Predict Listeners' Comprehension of People with Aphasia?
Rachel Mary Hobson ChangHui Pak UM/Amherst A49 Auditorium CRISPRi-based screening for identifying regulators of NRXN1-specific Alternative Splicing
Cornelis Hollenbach David Moorman UM/Amherst A66 Auditorium Role of Rat Frontal Association Area in Response Inhibition in a GoNoGo Task
Ethan Howell ChangHui Pak UM/Amherst A47 Auditorium Investigating Functional Connectivity in a TBCK Loss-of-Function Human Induced Neuronal Model
Ashwin Iyengar Douglas Martini UM/Amherst A63 Auditorium Prefrontal Cortex Activity in Older Ddults during Overground and Treadmill Walk
Yarah Kalae ChangHui Pak UM/Amherst A57 Auditorium The Impact of CASK on Canonical WNT Signaling in Human Cortical Induced Excitatory Neurons
Chaya Paige Lipman-Tessicini Sarah Gonzalez-Nahm UM/Amherst A64 Auditorium Oral Contraceptive Use in Migraine Prevention
Maura Maguire Douglas Martini UM/Amherst A53 Auditorium Impact of Diet on Cognition across Adulthood
Sumayah Mohamed Jennifer Mack UM/Amherst A55 Auditorium Development of Stimuli to Test Service Workers' Comprehension of People with Aphasia 
Emily Naughton Heather Richardson UM/Amherst A51 Auditorium Tracking New Myelin Formation during Adolescence and across the Lifespan of Mice
Abigail Pronovost Reena Randhir STCC A29 Auditorium

The Influence of Our Gut Microbiome on Brain Function

Alyssa Leigh Stainton Jennifer Rauch UM/Amherst A54 Auditorium Assessing the Effect of Disease-Specific Conformations in the Aggregation and Spread of Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau
Madeline Standwill Rebecca Spencer UM/Amherst A52 Auditorium Targeted Reactivation of Emotional Memories during Sleep
Korey Sudana Sarah L. Pallas UM/Amherst A56 Auditorium Ecological Niche Holds Greater Evolutionary Weight than Phylogeny in the Experience-Dependent Development of Mammalian Visual Cortex
Colin McCaffrey Wood Gerald Downes UM/Amherst A65 Auditorium Using the Zebrafish Visuomotor Response Assay to Characterize the Behavioral Effects of FERRY Complex Mutations
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Megan M. Di Giovanni Robert Paul Musgrave UM/Amherst A95 Auditorium Reproductive Rights and Implications Abroad
Presenter Sponsor Campus Poster Board Room Title
Molly Kiley Andrews Caryn Brause UM/Amherst A77 Auditorium Understanding the College Experience for Students with Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders 
Samantha Baldacci Jennifer McDermott UM/Amherst A88 Auditorium Children’s Gender Mapping of STEM Linked Toys: The Role of Color Information in Supporting Counter-Stereotypic Responding
Mia Xuan Baskey Tara Marissa Mandalaywala UM/Amherst A84 Auditorium A National Essentialism Study
Alyssa Renee Bernardo Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A82 Auditorium The Psychiatric Impacts of Human-Animal Bond with Assistance Animals
Jiameng Chen Andrew Cohen UM/Amherst A73 Auditorium Increasing the Evidential Information of Eyewitness Lineups: A Comparison of Two Lineup Procedures
Dana E. Cisowski Jannette McMenamy Fitchburg St U A23 Auditorium

A Systematic Review of Interventions to Promote Intercollegiate Student-Athlete Mental Health and Well-Being

Alex Dhima Adam S. Grabell UM/Amherst A74 Auditorium Machine Learning Analysis of fNIRS Data to Predict Therapy Engagement in Young Children
Ziqi Ding Leda Cooks UM/Amherst A81 Auditorium

Talking to Asian International Students about Identity at UMass Amherst: Racial Stereotypes, Cultural Adjustment, and Intercultural Communication

Michael Francis Distefano Caryn Brause UM/Amherst A80 Auditorium Amplifying Well-Being in Campus Spaces: A Comparative Case Study Employing the Frameworks of Attention Restoration Theory and Therapeutic Landscapes
Emily Dotson Christine Lewis Shane Fitchburg St U A22 Auditorium Impacts of Personal Identity Aspects on the Provision and Effectiveness of Foster Care Services for Children and Young Adults
Julian Roger Justado Esmer Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A89 Auditorium Exploring the Relationship between Family Caregiver Burnout and Predispositions for Depression and Anxiety-Related Disorders in Young Adults
Lanelle Elina Garcia Maria M. Galano UM/Amherst A85 Auditorium Understanding Resilience in Young Adult Women of Color Affected by Interpersonal Trauma  
Elizabeth Therese Hanlon Princy Quadros Mennella Westfield St U A27 Auditorium  Does Short Form Video Content Impact Sympathetic Nervous System Arousal?
Kailin Huang Tara Marissa Mandalaywala UM/Amherst A69 Auditorium

Children's Belief about Social Mobility: The Role of Ability Status

Shrushti Jagtap Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A72 Auditorium

Analyzing Mental Health among Pre-health Students 

Kylie Jones Joseph Camilleri Westfield St U A25 Auditorium Pathways of Crime and Their Influence on School Shootings
Haley Elizabeth Kane Claudia Ciano-Boyce Westfield St U A26 Auditorium The Co-occurrence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and Anxiety Disorders in School-Aged Children
Amanda Karmelowicz Lee Na Yung Karmelowicz Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A70 Auditorium Disability Education for the Emergency Medical Technician
Rudolph Emery Lucier Megan C. Gross UM/Amherst A98 Auditorium A Contextual Analysis of Bilingual Communication Dynamics and Code Switching across Different Neurotypes
Hirni Dipak Patel Rebecca Spencer UM/Amherst A83 Auditorium

Changes in Sleep Based on Waking Experience

Prachi Patel Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C28 163 Faces of Faith: Creating a Community Conversation on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship
Danielle Elizabeth Pouliot Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A75 Auditorium Understanding the Transition to College for Students with Disabilities
Elizabeth Ann Powers Maria M. Galano UM/Amherst A87 Auditorium Assessing Childhood Discrimination as Adverse Childhood Experiences Retrospectively in a Sample of Racially and Ethnically Diverse and LGBTQ+ 18-25 Year-Olds
Jessica Serken Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A71 Auditorium #ActuallyAutistic: The Impact of TikTok on Autism Self-Diagnosis and Stigma
Delaney Lyn Sherman Tara Marissa Mandalaywala UM/Amherst A78 Auditorium Five-to-Nine-Year Old Children’s Preferential Attention To and Memory For Stereotypical Information about Social Status
Janell Aspasia Torrey Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A86 Auditorium Barriers to Teaching Life Skills to Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in Residential Group Homes: Perspectives from Direct Support Professionals
Oluchi Ukairo Tara Marissa Mandalaywala UM/Amherst A97 Auditorium A Look into Children’s Understanding of Racial Disparities in Social Mobility
Rachel Jenna Wilk Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A90 Auditorium An Analysis of Disability Representation in Children's Literature
Lindsey Marie Elle Wyner Katherine L. Dixon-Gordon UM/Amherst A79 Auditorium Emotion Reactivity and Borderline Personality Disorder: The Effects of Co-occurring Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Paulina Xifaras Ashley Woodman UM/Amherst A99 Auditorium "Let’s Work Together": Discovering Why Students with Mental Illness Might Refuse to Seek Help and Offering a Solution for Support
Edward Cheng Zhou Lisa Sanders UM/Amherst A76 Auditorium Can Improvisation Benefit Academic Resilience?
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Sophia Cosette Bloom Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C4 163 Food Pantry Inventory Access
Nikole Ciulla Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C20 163 Empowering Equity: A Comprehensive Resource Compilation for Community Health at the Amherst Survival Center
Kaela Leary Gloria DiFulvio UM/Amherst A92 Auditorium What Makes a Village: A Case Study of the Massachusetts Village Network
Faith C. Nwafor Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C6 163 Fighting Medical Debt Masterclass!
Nisha Sabnis Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C5 163

Mobilizing Abortion Doula Services to Campuses 

Caroline Tran Christine Woodward St Laurent UM/Amherst A93 Auditorium Understanding Family Child Care Providers' Knowledge and Practices Relating to Children’s  24-Hour Movement Behaviors
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Ella Slavin-Reker Deborah Keisch UM/Amherst C12 163 American Food Pantries: The Caucasian Cornucopia
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Pravhith Musunuri Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C29 163 Addressing Social Isolation with Older Adults: A Multifaceted Community Engagement Project
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Nicole Fusaro Ellen Correa UM/Amherst C22 163 Addressing Impacts of Gender Inequality and Young Girls’ Mental Health