Group presentations at MassURC can be an exciting and collaborative way to showcase your research. Here are the key guidelines and steps for group presentations:

  1. Designate a Group Leader:
    • In each group, one student must serve as the group leader.
    • The group leader is responsible for submitting the abstract on behalf of the entire group.
  2. Independent Registration:
    • All group members must register independently in the MassURC Hub. Each member is required to create their individual profile.
  3. Request Group Membership:
    • To ensure all members are affiliated with the group, each group member should request membership by selecting the relevant abstract on their profile page within the MassURC Hub.
  4. Accept Membership Requests:
    • The group leader will receive membership requests from the group members.
    • It is the group leader's responsibility to accept these requests through the automated prompt when submitted.
  5. Ensure Full Group Participation:
    • Any group member who is not registered in the system and accepted into the group will not receive presenter updates, be listed in conference materials, or be registered as a presenter on the day of the conference.
    • Consequently, it's essential for the group leader to verify that all group members are associated with the abstract submission in the MassURC Hub.

By following these guidelines, your group presentation will be well-organized, and all members will be fully engaged in the MassURC experience.